Optical fiber sensors

available technology

Towing rocket motor assembly

A towing rocket motor assembly has a tubular solid propellant grain defined by exterior surface area and interior surface area. The exterior surface area is inhibited from ignition within a tubular region of a housing. The housing includes a first end and a second end at either end of the tubular...
available technology

Underwater nuclear material reconnaissance system

An underwater nuclear material reconnaissance system includes an underwater vehicle propelled/steered by a plurality of propulsion pods distributed thereabout. The underwater vehicle includes nuclear material sensors for generating sensor data indicative of the presence of nuclear material, a...
available technology

Underwater water cannon defense system

An underwater water cannon defense system includes an underwater vehicle, a water cannon coupled to the vehicle, one or more nozzles mounted on the vehicle and directed away therefrom, and water distribution valving mounted in the vehicle that distributes pressurized water to the water cannon and...
available technology

Unmanned aerial vehicle catcher

Launch and recovery of an aerial vehicle by a forwardly moving surface vehicle relies on a winch module having a winch to selectively reel out and reel in a towline and a sensor capable of sensing tension in the towline. A lifting body assembly having a pair of lifting bodies and a snagging wire is...
available technology

Waterjet drive hovercraft with adjustable trim system

A flexible skirt-cell system is provided for a hovercraft having a propulsion system mounted to interface with water and a flexible skirt having an upper flexible panel section and a lower flexible finger section. The panel section extends around the bow, stern and two sides of the hovercraft hull...