Optical fiber sensors

available technology

Field data collection and relay station

A field data collection and relay station is equipped to receive sensor data from locations in a region. The station has directional antennas that are focused to transmit and receive energy in and from unique directions. The station establishes a wireless network in which the sensor data is...
available technology

Floating low density concrete barrier

A barrier for small boats has a plurality of flotation modules on lines extending across a waterway. The flotation modules are cast from a buoyant concrete mixture of cement, water, beaded forms of expanded polystyrene, and polypropylene fibers that is non-water-absorbing, crushable, not...
available technology

Flotation seaway

A platform, breakwater, or endless track includes an array of molded cells interconnected by a system of elongate flexible members, such as wire ropes or lines. The molded cells are cast in molds located at overlapping portions of the cables. The molds may be flexible nylon bags having openings for...
available technology

Folding deployment system for solar panels

A folding deployment system for solar panels provides a portable solar collecting power station that can be easily packaged and deployed for use in diverse environments. A solar array frame extends and contracts in accordion fashion. Solar panels mounted on the solar array frame are pivotally...