Optical fiber sensors

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Methods and systems for the separation of isotopes from an aqueous stream are described as can be utilized in one embodiment to remove and recover tritium from contaminated water. Methods include counter-current flow of an aqueous stream on either side of a separation membrane. The separation...
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Lidar detection using shadow enhancement

A method is presented for detecting a body at sea. A lidar system provided onboard an aircraft transmits radiation at a wavelength in the blue/green region of the energy spectrum towards the surface of the sea. The lidar system is tuned to receive return reflections occurring over a specified...
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Light system for defining line of approach

A light system for defining a line of approach uses light sources arranged in an array. The light sources are arranged such that they define a primary field-of-view (FOV) from which all of the light sources are visible. Less than all of the light sources are visible from positions outside of the...
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Method and system to improve GPS navigation

A method and system are provided for improving the navigation accuracy of a vehicle guided by the global positioning system (GPS). The system can be permanent or can be delivered on station" by delivery vehicles dropped from a host aircraft. If delivered, each delivery vehicle travels to a...