Photoluminescent Aerogel Oxygen Sensor

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Duo Wang and Mark Modera have designed an atomizing nozzle that eliminates clogging. The Berkeley Lab nozzle uses the high velocity gas efflux to create a layer of ambient temperature air around the tube containing the liquid to be atomized. This feature minimizes heat transfer from the gas to the...
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Co-Planar Electrodes for Radiation Detection IB-1033

Most ionization based radiation detectors–gas ion chambers, liquid ionization detectors, and compound semiconductor detectors–suffer from poor collection of charge carriers of one polarity type. As a result, detector energy resolution is severely degraded when a basic parallel electrode detector...
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: The new compact rf-matching network developed by Ka-Ngo Leung and colleagues at Berkeley Lab matches the plasma load to the impedance of the coaxial transmission line and output impedance of the RF amplifier at radio frequencies. Its compact size allows it to fit in the depression present on...
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Compact Hyperspectral Imager IB-3163

Scientists have developed a compact and lightweight optical device that can perform spatially resolved spectroscopy at low levels of visible light. The team — led by Joshua Bloom, a Berkeley Lab physicist and UC Berkeley professor, and UC Davis physicist John Tyson — designed a “hyperspectral”...