Quartz Antenna with Hollow Conductor

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Artificial Positive Feedback Loop for Increasing Production of a Biosynthetic Product in Specific Plant Tissues EIB-2930, EIB-2996, EIB-3003, EIB-3085, EIB 2014-028

Dominique Loqué, Henrik V. Scheller, and colleagues at the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI) have developed a technology that can be used to fine-tune desirable biomass traits in plants. A key feature of the invention is the design of an artificial positive feedback loop whereby a transcription...
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Assay to Determine Sensitivity to Radiation IB-3203

Sylvain Costes and Rafael Gómez-Sjöberg of Berkeley Lab have invented a technology that will improve screening techniques used by hospitals, pediatric clinics, the nuclear industry, research laboratories, and the military to identify people who may be sensitive to low doses of ionizing radiation...