Quartz Antenna with Hollow Conductor

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Atomically Flat Crystal Surfaces IB-2549

Devices once fabricated at micron-level precision are now fabricated at nano-level precision. With the trend continuing towards miniaturization, material imperfections, even at the atomic scale, will affect performance of semiconductors and electronic devices such as hard drive readers. Farid El...
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Axial and Arbitrary Plane Optical Microscope 2013-153

Despite the popularity of conventional optical microscopes such as confocal microscopes and selective-plane illumination microscopes (SPIMs), there are no commercially available optical microscopes that can quickly produce high contrast 2-D images or 3-D images of structures beneath the surface of...
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Back Streaming Electron Dump for RF Ion Sources

Scientists at Berkeley Lab have invented a device that captures back streaming electrons in an RF-driven ion source, thereby significantly reducing the number of electrons that strike the dielectric backplate and cause it to crack or break. As a result, the invention prolongs the life of the ion...
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Basal Media for Culturing Epithelial Cells 2015-009

Researchers at Berkeley Lab have developed a low cost technology for growing primary human epithelial cells (HEC) for as much as 60 population doublings, for longer than a month, all while maintaining low stress conditions that preserve lineage heterogeneity and normal phenotypes. The basal media...