Quartz Antenna with Hollow Conductor

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V2G-Sim 2014-021

The Vehicle-to-Grid Simulator (V2G-Sim) invented at Berkeley Lab provides systematic quantitative methods to address the uncertainties and barriers facing vehicle-grid integration (VGI). The model is scalable to simulate impacts and opportunities for any number of vehicles (from one to one million...
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Vanadium Dioxide Microactuators IB 2013-013

Berkeley Lab researchers Junqiao Wu, Kai Liu, and Kevin Wang have developed a powerful new microscale actuator that simultaneously achieves high amplitude, high work output, and high speed in both air and water. In fact, this technology is the first to exceed performance limits in amplitude, force...
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Virus-based Piezoelectric Energy Generation IB-3128

Researchers at Berkeley Lab have demonstrated that the piezoelectric and liquid-crystalline properties of a modified virus, such as a recombinant M13 bacteriophage (phage), can be used to generate electrical energy. Using piezoresponse force microscopy, they characterized the structure-dependent...