Solar System Exploration

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A Third Arm for the Surgeon

In laparoscopic surgery, tiny incisions are made in the patient's body and a laparoscope (an optical tube with a camera at the end) is inserted. The camera's image is projected onto two video screens, whose views guide the surgeon through the procedure. AESOP, a medical robot developed by Computer...
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A Tool for Medical Research

California Measurements, Inc.'s PC-2 Aerosol Particle Analyzer, developed by William Chiang, a former Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) engineer, was used in a study to measure the size of particles in the medical environment. Chiang has a NASA license for the JPL crystal oscillator technology and...
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Accelerated Adaptive MGS Phase Retrieval

The Modified Gerchberg-Saxton (MGS) algorithm is an image-based wavefront sensing method that can turn any science instrument focal plane into a wavefront sensor. MGS has been utilized on many projects, and has been demonstrated on many optical systems, from laboratory testbeds to space telescopes.