Solar System Exploration

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Damping Goes the Distance in Golf

In the late 1980s, Dr. Benjamin Dolgin of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory developed a concept for a high-damping graphite/viscoelastic material for the Strategic Defense Initiative. Dolgin drummed up this concept with the intention of stabilizing weapons launch platforms in space, where there is...
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Dead Sea Scrolls

A consortium of researchers from Jet Propulsion Laboratory and three other organizations used charged coupled devices (CCDs) and other imaging enhancement technology to decipher previously unreadable portions of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The technique has potentially important implications for...
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Deep Space Network (DSN) config converter

This tool is used in opperations by the MRO and Phoenix missions. The tool provides both time savings and risk reduction in the periodic updating of the dsn_config modeling adaptation. The dsn config converter tool is used for converting the dsn_config.cvs file into a multi-mission AAF file for use...
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Deep Space Network Tracking Data Visualization

This software suite is used in the Network Operations and Control Center (DSCC) at JPL, at all three Deep Space Communication Complexes at Goldstone, Canberra, and Madrid. It is used daily in on-going efforts to track spacecrafts.This software is also used in the research and technology development...