Solar System Exploration

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Aid for the Medical Laboratory

A process for separating chemical compounds in fluids resulted from a Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)/LAPD project. The technique involves pouring a blood or urine sample into an extraction tube where packing material contained in a disposable tube called an extraction column" absorbs water and...
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Analytical Instrument

BEEM (Ballistic Electron Emission Microscopy) was invented at Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Center for Microelectronics Technology. It is a significant research instrument for microelectronics research because it is able to image underlying layers or interfaces of surface structures. A tiny current...
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Antenna Controller

A NASA-developed computer program has effected substantial savings in inclined orbit trackings for Research Concepts, Inc. Artificial Satellite Analysis Program (ASAP) allowed the company to avoid duplicating research and shortened the time needed to develop an R2000B antenna controller. The device...
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Antennas Lower Cost of Satellite Access

SeaSpace Corporation, of Poway, California, worked with NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory under two SBIR contracts to reduce the cost of satellite ground tracking. The resulting hardware and software not only complement NASA's remote sensing capabilities but also benefit the greater research...
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Approaching Suspicious Substances Safely

A mineral identification tool developed for NASA's Mars Rover Technology Development Program is now serving as a powerful tool for U.S. law enforcement agencies and military personnel to identify suspicious liquid and solid substances. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory awarded a Small Business...