Solar System Exploration

available technology

Auto tracking antenna platform

The present invention is an auto tracking antenna platform upon which multiple antenna elements can be mounted to track a common moving object. The antenna tracking platform generally comprises a bottom pedestal enclosing a rotary azimuth actuator for controlled-rotary motion about the single...
available technology

Autogen hypertext map generator

This tool is now being used in the flight operations environment to document the MRO and multi-mission autogen/apgen model files. These hypertext maps are also being used in multi-mission autogen/apgen training sessions. The autogen hyper text map generator parses the autogen script and the autogen...
available technology

Automated Pollution Control

Patterned after the Cassini Resource Exchange (CRE), Sholtz and Associates established the Automated Credit Exchange (ACE), an Internet-based concept that automates the auctioning of pollution credits" in Southern California. An early challenge of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's Cassini mission was...
available technology

Automatic Lunar Rock Detection and Mapping

Computer vision techniques have been applied to implement algorithms that detect rocks from images. At NAC nominal resolution it is possible to fully resolve boulder 2.5m or larger and detect boulders as small as 1.2m. With knowledge of the sun angles, the shadows detected from the images are used...