Solar System Exploration

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The Jet Propulsion Laboratory's research on a second generation, solid-state image sensor technology has resulted in the Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Active Pixel Sensor (CMOS), establishing an alternative to the Charged Coupled Device (CCD). Photobit Corporation, the leading supplier of...
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Cameras Improve Navigation for Pilots, Drivers

Advanced Scientific Concepts Inc. (ASC), of Santa Barbara, California, received SBIR awards and other funding from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Johnson Space Center, and Langley Research Center to develop and refine its 3D flash LIDAR technologies for space applications. Today, ASC's NASA-derived...
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Cardiac Imaging System

Although not available to all patients with narrowed arteries, balloon angioplasty has expanded dramatically since its introduction with an estimated further growth to 562,000 procedures in the U.S. alone by 1992. Growth has fueled demand for higher quality imaging systems that allow the...
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Cassini Mission App

This software is developed using the Apple iOS SDK and utilizes components inherent to that SDK to deliver images and other content on the iOS platform. It retrieves content from the public Cassini website using HTTP, XML, and JSON. This software is a direct link to the General Public from Cassini-...
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Cell Growth Enhancement

Exogene Corporation uses advanced technologies to enhance production of bio-processed substances like proteins, antibiotics and amino acids. Among them are genetic modification and a genetic switch. They originated in research for Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Extensive experiments in cell growth...