Space Microelectronics Technology

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Space Software

Xontech, Inc.'s software package, XonVu, simulates the missions of Voyager 1 at Jupiter and Saturn, Voyager 2 at Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and Giotto in close encounter with Comet Halley. With the program, the user can generate scenes of the planets, moons, stars or Halley's nucleus and...
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Space Spurred Computer Graphics

Dicomed Corporation was asked by NASA in the early 1970's to develop processing capabilities for recording images sent from Mars by Viking spacecraft. The company produced a film recorder which increased the intensity levels and the capability for color recording. This development led to a strong...
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Spatial Statistical Data Fusion (SSDF)

A key feature of our spatial statistical model is the spatial mixed effects statistical model that underlies it. Our approach models the spatial covariance function of the underlying field using linear combinations of basis functions of fixed size. Approaches based on kriging require the inversion...
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Spectral Analysis Tool (SAT), Version 6.2

The SAT computer program calculates signal spectra, bandwidths, and interference effects for several families of modulation schemes found commonly in radio, satellites, and space communications. It is primarily used for spectrum management purposes to examine the effects of radio frequency...
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Spitzer Telemetry Processing System

Multi-mission Image Processing Lab Software (MIPL) are to process spacecraft telemetry and distribute the resulting data products to the science community in a timely fashion. The Spitzer telemetry processing system (SirtfTlmProc) processes telemetry from the Spitzer spacecraft and delivers Level 0...
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Utilizing STAMiNA, a simulation tool for the Advanced Sensors Collaborative Technology Alliance Microsensor Network Architecture, users can define: (1) mission environment, including terrain features; (2) a sensed object set, including multiple threat objects; (3) sensor placements, their...