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A Novel Treatment for Malarial Infections

The inventions described herein are antimalarial small molecule inhibitors of the plasmodial surface anion channel (PSAC), an essential nutrient acquisition ion channel expressed on human erythrocytes infected with malaria parasites. These inhibitors were discovered by high-throughput screening of...
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A Novel Virus-Based Expression System

The present invention is related to a recombinant viral vector for vaccines. Currently available poxvirus vectors for humans and other animals exhibit suboptimal expression of recombinant gene(s) and high expression of vector proteins which causes weak immunogenicity and high anti-vector immune...
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A Shuttle Plasmid, Recombinant MVA/HIV1 Clinical Vaccine Constructs and a Mechanism for Enhanced Stability of Foreign Gene Inserts by Codon Alternation and for Insertion of the Foreign Gene Between Two Vaccinia Virus Essential Genes

Since the onset of the AIDS epidemic more than two decades ago, enormous efforts have been directed to making a vaccine that will protect against human immunodeficiency virus-1 (HIV); an effective vaccine is thought to require the induction of cellular and humoral responses. Vaccine candidates have...