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AMA1-RON2 Complex-Based Vaccine Against Malaria

This technology relates to a malaria vaccine composed of a protein complex of Apical Membrane Antigen (AMA1) and rhoptry neck protein 2 (RON2) with an adjuvant. AMA1 is a crucial component of thePlasmodiuminvasion machinery and is a leading candidate for antimalarial vaccine development. AMA1-based...
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Anti-Vaccinia Monoclonal Antibody

The current technology describes a monoclonal antibody that reacts with a vaccinia virus protein abundantly expressed under an early viral promoter after infection of cells. The antibody is useful for quantitating vaccinia virus infected cells and for studying the function of the protein to which...
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Antigenic Protein OfBorrelia Burgdorferi

This patent application describes a 39 kDa protein (P39) that is species-specific and expressed by all North American and EuropeanB. burgdorferiisolates. The discovery includes the cloning and expression of the gene for P39 inE. coliand the use of P39 as a diagnostic antigen for the serodiagnosis...