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Full-Length cDNA Clone Representing the Consensus Sequence of the RNA Genome of a Human Norovirus (strain MD145-12) That Encodes Biologically Active Proteins

The invention provides for a full-length cloned cDNA copy of the RNA genome of a predominant norovirus strain (Genogroup II.4) designated MD145-12 that was associated with human gastrointestinal illness. The noroviruses, which were formerly known as "Norwalk-like" viruses are estimated to cause 23...
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Functional Promoter For CCR5

Embodied in this invention is the identification of the functional promoter sequence for CCR5. CCR5 is a known chemokine receptor which functions as a cofactor for HIV binding and is found on the cell surface of macrophages and CD4+ T cells. Blocking or suppressing the expression of CCR5 may...
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HTLV-1 Cell Binding and Inhibition

This technology describes methods for inhibiting human T-cell lymphotropic virus type I (HTLV-I) infection in cells and for reducing viral load or titer in infected individuals. As many as 20 million people worldwide are infected with HTLV-I, and approximately 1 million will develop adult T-cell...