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Actinide and lanthanide separation process (ALSEP)

The process of the invention is the separation of minor actinides from lanthanides in a fluid mixture comprising, fission products, lanthanides, minor actinides, rare earth elements, nitric acid and water by addition of an organic chelating aid to the fluid; extracting the fluid with a solvent...
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The advent of many-core processors with a greatly reduced amount of per-core memory has shifted the bottleneck in computing from FLOPs to memory. A new, complex memory/storage hierarchy is emerging, with persistent memories offering greatly expanded capacity, and augmented by DRAM/SRAM cache and...
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Actuators Made From Nanoporous Materials

Actuators convert an external electrical signal into a mechanical force by changing their dimensions. Well-known examples for such devices are piezoelectric actuators where the dimensional changes are caused by the polarization of the whole material. The effect is used in various industrial and...
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Background Understanding and visualizing the interior landscape of a patient’s eye can be critical in both the diagnosis and treatment of ocular diseases. Visual information on the health of key disease and injury indicators such as the optic nerve, blood vessels, and retina can be derived from...
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Adaptive Optics-Based Optical Coherence Tomography

Millions of people suffer from eye diseases that degrade the retina, causing blindness. Opthalmologists observe the retina to diagnose a wide variety of blinding diseases. Conventional equipment, however, does not provide cellular-level resolution to enable the doctor to make a more accurate...
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Additive Manufacturing - Materials by Design

Additive manufacturing is the process of building 3D structures by sequentially layering one material on top of another in a desired pattern. It is a dramatic departure from more conventional fabrication techniques in which material is removed from a bulk piece through processes such as etching or...