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Aircraft Ducting

Templeman Industries developed the Ultra-Seal Ducting System, an environmental composite air duct with a 50 percent weight savings over current metallic ducting, but could not find a commercial facility with the ability to test it. Marshall Space Flight Center conducted a structural evaluation of...
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Aircraft Flutter Testing

Wilmer Reed gained international recognition for his innovative research, contributions and patented ideas relating to flutter and aeroelasticity of aerospace vehicles at Langley Research Center. In the early 1980's, Reed retired from Langley and joined the engineering staff of Dynamic Engineering...
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Airline Operations Aid

C Language Integrated Production System (CLIPS), a NASA-developed expert systems program, is used by American Airlines for three purposes: as a rapid prototyping tool; to develop production prototypes; and to develop production application. An example of the latter is CLIPS' use in Hub S1AAshing a...
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Airline Wheelchair

Accutron Tool & Instrument Co.'s wheelchair was designed to increase mobility within the airplane. Utilizing NASA's structural analysis and materials engineering technologies, it allows passage through narrow airline aisles to move passengers to their seats and give access to lavatories. Stable...
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ALE3D for Industry (ALE3D4I)

With ALE3D For Industry, companies and academic users will have access to one of DOE’s premiere multi-physics codes and the ability to run on Livermore Computing’s HPC platforms. For over 30+ years, LLNL has been developing its ALE3D multi-physics simulation tool and providing it for U.S...
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The present invention is an ammonia sequestering system including a system controller connected to a plurality of flow control valves, a feed stream extending through a system inlet, and a system outlet. The feed stream is a liquid contaminated with ammonia. At least one exchange column is located...