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Background Often, sick individuals may not know what is afflicting them until they see a health care provider, have diagnostic tests done, and are counseled on the results. Not only does this process involve the time taken to make an appointment and travel to see a doctor, but also the time needed...
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Aviation Design Software

DARcorporation developed a General Aviation CAD package through a Small Business Innovation Research contract from Langley Research Center. This affordable, user-friendly preliminary design system for General Aviation aircraft runs on the popular 486 IBM-compatible personal computers. Individuals...
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Batteryless Sensor Using a Nanoenergy Harvester

Existing nanosensor technologies depend on an external power source (typically a battery) to operate. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has developed a superior alternative: the first batteryless sensors that harvest environmental energy supplies using one-dimensional semiconducting nanowire...
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Bearing Failure Detection

Shaker Research Corporation, under a contract with NASA, produced a test vehicle that measures resonant frequency of railroad roller bearings to identify source of bearings defects. Marshall scientists have developed a detection concept based on fact that bearing defects themselves excite resonant...
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Better Brakes

Through continuing studies on high-temperature space materials useful for better brake linings, Bendix Corporation worked with Ames Research Center to develop a novel composite. This team worked to fabricate several combinations of composite materials and evaluated results. The one selected...