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Bioreactor processing of wastewater

A bioreactor tank is internally partitioned into two chambers within which wastewater is respectively aerated and from which a bacteria purified permeate is withdrawn after filtration, while a high bacteria content remnant is recycled between the chambers to repeatedly undergo biological treatment...
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Business Jet

The Citation Jet, developed by Cessna Aircraft Company, Wichita, KS, is the first business jet to employ Langley Research Center's natural laminar flow (NLF) technology. NLF reduces drag and therefore saves fuel by using only the shape of the wing to keep the airflow smooth, or laminar. This...
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Business Jets

Learjet Inc.'s Learjet 31 and Learjet 55C both feature NASA developed winglets, nearly vertical extensions of the wing designed to reduce fuel consumption and generally improve airplane's performance. Winglets are lifting surfaces designed to operate in the vortex or air whirlpool that occurs at an...
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Carbon Ion Pump for Carbon Dioxide Removal

The limitation to reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is the expense of stripping carbon dioxide from other combustion gases. Without a cost-effective means of accomplishing this, hydrocarbon resources cannot be used freely. A few power plants currently remove carbon dioxide from flue gas...
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Cell-Free Assembly of NanoLipoprotein Particles

Membrane-associated proteins and protein complexes account for roughly one-third of the cellular proteins. These protein complexes mediate essential cellular processes such as signal transduction, transport, recognition, and cell-to-cell communication. This class of proteins is difficult to study...