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Cellular Telephone-Based Detector Network

Radiation detection instruments are important for homeland security—to protect the public by preventing illicit transportation and use of nuclear materials. Portable detectors based on scintillation crystals or cryogenically cooled germanium exist on the market but are expensive and cannot be...
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Ceramic Filters

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters are widely used commercial products to remove airborne particulates from a gas stream in a gas process system or ventilation system. Filter life span is determined by filter design and materials. Existing HEPA filters are made from glass fiber, which...
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Chemical Prism

LLNL provides solutions to our nation's most important national security challenges through innovative science, engineering and technology. LLNL innovators have developed a new system for separating components from a fluid. Using a functionally graded material, the system separates a chemical...
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Chlorine gas generating candle

A chlorine gas generating candle in a vented container which serves as a portable means to generate heated chlorine gas for killing insects, bacteria, viruses and other dangerous biological agents. The device has application in sanitizing dwellings, swimming pools and the like, and is effective in...