Wireless Communications Systems

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Active Woven Materials

Traditional methods of constructing 3-dimensional structures with complex geometry, curvature, or detailing require manual forcing of flat woven/knit/braided materials into place with molds, application of heat, or a globally defined pattern of the weave/knit/braid itself. Such methods prove labor...


Lincoln Laboratory research teams leverage solid-state electronic and electro-optical technologies, chemistry, materials science, advanced RF technology, and quantum information science to develop innovative system applications and components.
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Aerial Video Imaging

When Michael Henry wanted to start an aerial video service, he turned to Johnson Space Center for assistance. Two NASA engineers - one had designed and developed TV systems in Apollo, Skylab, Apollo-Soyuz and Space Shuttle programs - designed a wing-mounted fiberglass camera pod. Camera head and...
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Affordable Space Tourism: SpaceStationSim

Vision Videogames, LLC, of Towson, Maryland, completed a Space Act Agreement with NASA to create the interactive video game, SpaceStationSim, in which players role-play as the NASA Chief Administrator managing astronauts on the ISS in a 3-D simulated environment. The agreement was a continuation of...