Wireless Communications Systems

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Asynchronous Digital Communication

Digital communication is the backbone of information exchange between any two points or nodes. These nodes can be integrated circuits on a circuit board, a cell phone and cell tower, or computers on a network. Typically, the digital signals are encoded at the transmitting node with electromagnetic...
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Audio App Brings a Better Night_s Sleep

Neuroscientist Seth Horowitz was part of a NASA-funded team at State University of New York Stony Brook demonstrating that low-amplitude vestibular stimulation could induce sleep. After recognizing the same stimulation could be applied through sound, Horowitz founded Sleep Genius, located in Park...
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Automated Analysis Workstation

Information from NASA Tech Briefs of work done at Langley Research Center and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory assisted DiaSys Corporation in manufacturing their first product, the R/S 2000. Since then, the R/S 2000 and R/S 2003 have followed. Recently, DiaSys released their fourth workstation, the FE...
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Automated Blood Pressure Measurement

Vital-2 unit is semi-automatic device that permits highly accurate blood pressure measurement, even by untrained personnel. Vital-2 weighs only 6 lbs and can be carried anywhere. It operates either on its own rechargeable battery or by plugging it into a standard outlet. System requires positioning...
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Automated Urinalysis

Information from NASA Tech Briefs assisted DiaSys Corporation in the development of the R/S 2000 which automates urinalysis, eliminating most manual procedures. An automatic aspirator is inserted into a standard specimen tube, the Sample" button is pressed and within three seconds a consistent...
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Balance Evaluation Systems

NeuroCom's Balance Master is a system to assess and then retrain patients with balance and mobility problems and is used in several medical centers. NeuroCom received assistance in research and funding from NASA, and incorporated technology from testing mechanisms for astronauts after shuttle...