Wireless Communications Systems

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CFS Command and Data Dictionary Tool (CCDDT)

This software is a configurable ground-based software tool for managing spacecraft command and telemetry data. It accepts multiple input formats and produces output files suitable for use by flight and display software tools. No agreement with NASA is needed. You can download the software at: https...
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CFS-101 Training

This is a training tool for individuals to learn how to develop software with NASA-developed Core Flight software (CFS) framework. No agreement is necessary through this catalog. Software is available at open source site.
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Class A Core Flight Software (SBN653)

This software provides a communication pass through between NASA's Core Flight Software (CFS) framework's software bus and the ARINC-653 standard sampling port mechanisms. It is provided to adapt the CFS framework to run within ARINC-653 partitioned operating environments.


The focus of this mission area is to develop and demonstrate RF military satellite communications, free-space laser communications, tactical network radios, and quantum systems to expand and protect the nation’s global defense networks.
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Communications Network

The Multi-Compatible Network Interface Unit (MCNIU) is intended to connect the space station's communications and tracking, guidance and navigation, life support, electric power, payload data, hand controls, display consoles and other systems, and also communicate with diverse processors. Honeywell...
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Component control system for a vehicle

A vehicle includes a chassis, a modular component, and a central operating system. The modular component is supported by the chassis. The central operating system includes a component control system, a primary master controller, and a secondary master controller. The component control system is...