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10-100 GHz Double-Ridged Horn Antenna with Integrated Waveguide Coax Launcher - TRL 6

Broadband, single-polarization horn antennas are of significant interest in a number of
test and measurement applications, and many successful designs based on double-ridged geometry
have been demonstrated in the cm-wave frequency band. Horns up to 18 GHz are
especially common and readily available for purchase from commercial vendors. Very few such
broadband horns, however, have extended much into the millimeter-wave range, though some
have been reported and are even commercially available at frequencies up to about 40 GHz.

The NRAO double-ridged horn antenna design has been fabricated and tested to show
good return loss and near-constant beamwidth covering 10–100 GHz. This is believed to be
the highest operating frequency for a decade-bandwidth horn reported to date. It is enabled
in part by a novel coax to double-ridged waveguide launcher which is incorporated into the
design on the back of the antenna.

M A Morgan
Patent Number: 
US 15/518656
Patent Status: 
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