Available Technology

12-31: Nanowires

The electrical, chemical, mechanical, and optical properties of nanostructures depend on their physical dimensions and chemical compositions. Current methods of forming nanowires rely on knowing the average values for these parameters. As a result, there is poor control over local properties of the nanowires, which may vary from spot to spot in an uncontrolled fashion. By using knowledge of the size-dependent phase diagram, the inventors have developed methods of controlling the properties of nanowires precisely over regions on the order of a nanometer. These nanowires can be used in robust and reliable optical and electronic devices.
Patent Abstract: 
Vapor-liquid-solid growth of nanowires is tailored to achieve complex one-dimensional material geometries using phase diagrams determined for nanoscale materials. Segmented one-dimensional nanowires having constant composition display locally variable electronic band structures that are determined by the diameter of the nanowires. The unique electrical and optical properties of the segmented nanowires are exploited to form electronic and optoelectronic devices.
Control over the local diameter of nanowires allows for design of nanostructures with specific location-dependent electrical and optical characteristics.
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