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3-D Highway in the Sky

Aeronautics researchers at NASA's Langley Research Center teamed with Chelton Flight Systems and the FAA's Alaskan Capstone Project, a technology-focused safety program which seeks safety and efficiency gains in aviation by accelerating implementation of modern technology. The result of the collaboration is a 3-D display for pilots which provides clear vision regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. The system creates an artificial, computer-generated view of the surroundings from a series of databases and advanced sensory input, so it gives pilots topographical flight plans, as well as real-time feedback, about the area directly outside of the aircraft. This modern display panel has earned the name Synthetic Vision, and it is already being marketed and distributed by Chelton Flight Systems for use on small planes, light jets, and helicopters. The system is flying in hundreds of small planes all over the United States and abroad.
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