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3D Printer Test Station

NASA Langley Research Center has developed a test station capable of in-situ testing of material deposition and layer adhesion in an extrusion additive manufacturing process. The technology addresses the problem of monitoring part quality during the 3D printing process. It includes methods that...
Patent Abstract: 
The test station consists of an extrusion head and a print bed equipped with one or more load cells for measuring the forces exerted as material is deposited. The force data is combined with information on the motion of the print head and bed to determine the actual rate of material deposition and adhesion between layers of material.
Enables monitoring of material deposition and adhesion in a 3D printer as parts are being fabricated Improves part quality and manufacturing reliability -Improves part quality and manufacturing reliability -Allows adjustments to be made during the printing process as part of a closed loop control system
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