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A biosignal measuring device that can include at least one Super-conducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID) array (SQA) of High Temperature Superconducting (HTS) Josephson Junctions (JJs). The HTS JJs operating parameters can be adjusted to establish an anti-peak response for the SQA, that can be at a maximum along a defined response axis, for detection of extremely small biomagnetic fields. For operation, the SQA can be maneuvered around a target area of a stationary subject that is emitting biomagnetic signals using a stand with three degrees of freedom, so that the response axis remains orthogonal to the subject target area. The device can further include a radome with an atomic layer deposition (ALD) window on the radome surface. The radome ALD surface can allow for passage of magnetic signals through the ALD window and radome, while simultaneously preventing passage of infrared radiation therethrough


Marcio C . de Andrade

Anna Leese de Escobar

Brandon J . Wiedemeier

Jamie R . Lukos

Shannon Kasa

Matthew A . Yanagi

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