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A Bright Idea for the Eyes

Westinghouse Lighting Corporation was introduced to NASA by Ben Franklin Technology Partners, a Pennsylvania network that helps local companies develop new products to stimulate the state's economic growth. Dr. Scott Smith, the director of NASA's Space Optics Manufacturing Technology Center at Marshall Space Flight Center, assisted Westinghouse in the development of a light bulb that would make seeing easier under working conditions. What resulted was the Eye SaverT Easy Reading Light Bulb, which provides 40 percent more surface illumination on work and reading surfaces than incandescent bulbs, all while burning twice as long. The product is suitable for people of all ages and is particularly ideal for applications requiring high-light levels, like reading, sewing, crafts, and numerous other recreational hobbies. Notably, the light bulb helps those with macular degeneration and low vision see easier to perform tasks that might otherwise prove daunting due to their conditions, especially seniors, who are most susceptible to these eye diseases. Westinghouse Lighting Corporation donates a portion of its proceeds from the sale of each Eye Saver bulb to the Discovery Fund for Eye Research. The bulb can be purchased through eye care professionals all around the country, or through select distributors and retailers.
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