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Luna Technologies International, Inc.'s LUNAplastT product line illuminates without the need for electricity, maintenance, or a power connection. LUNAplast, which benefited from tests conducted at Johnson Space Center, is available as rigid plastic and acrylic sheeting or flexible vinyl rolls. An environmentally-friendly material, it is available in a full line of screen-printed emergency signs, directional markers, and international safety symbols for illuminating hallways, walkways, and other indoor or outdoor areas. The material is durable, ultra violet-stable, and fire- and weather-resistant. Luna Technologies' innovation is the result of advances in photoluminescent (PL) technology. PL lighting provides emergency exit systems for any setting in which safety is a concern, such as ships, hotels, manufacturing plants, office buildings, tunnels, and mines. As a non-electric system, PL products provide a backup to standard electric emergency lighting systems. LUNAplast products were installed on the lower walls and floors of the Pentagon as part of the renovation and reconstruction project that took place after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. LUNAplastT is a trademark of Luna Technologies International, Inc.
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