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A Lifetime of Shine

Moen Incorporated identified a market need for more durable polished brass plumbing fixtures. NASA's Glenn Research Center is a leader in surface coating technology, which enhances the physical properties of a wide range of materials. The collaborative efforts of Glenn and Moen resulted in a new polished brass finish called LifeShine.R Based on testing results generated at NASA Glenn, Moen was able to manufacture an affordable, polished brass finish that is as durable as chrome, and resists deterioration. LifeShine is guaranteed to resist normal wear and tear and is even scratch-resistant to cleaning products as abrasive as steel wool. Moen was able to incorporate other colors into the LifeShine finish technology including classic gold, nickel, SatineT, Black OpalT, stainless, and copper. The company added titanium to LifeShine, making the finish even stronger and increasing its already superior durability. Highly resistant to salt and humidity, the LifeShine finish will remain intact even when the fixture is dented.
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