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The cutting-edge imaging technology that enhances NASA's Hubble Space Telescope images is now helping physicians to perform micro-invasive arthroscopic surgery, which is the visual examination of an interior joint. Through a Space Act Agreement with Glenn Research Center, Micro Medical Devices, Inc., gained access to NASA's image enhancement expertise and technology in order to refine its micro-endoscope, a tool that enables surgeons to view what is happening inside the body on a screen, eliminating the need for a more invasive diagnostic procedure. The resulting product, the InnerVueT Diagnostic Scope System, is used in an office or outpatient service to evaluate conditions within a joint. While the InnerVue scope is primarily being applied to the knee and shoulder, other small joints such as the wrist, elbow, and ankle are being investigated. The scope only requires local anesthetic, allowing the patient to be alert during the procedure. Since the patient does not need to go offsite for testing, the InnerVue system puts a dynamic and active diagnostic test in the hands of the physician. The patient receives only one needle poke and may walk out of the office immediately after the procedure. InnerVueT is a trademark of Arthrotek, Inc.
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