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A New Frontier for Cardiac Monitoring

CardioDynamics International Corporation (CDIC) has created the BioZR System through a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award from Johnson Space Center, providing patients and physicians with a cost-effective and highly accurate monitoring system.The BioZ non-invasive heart monitor is based on a technology known as Impedance Cardiography (ICG). BioZ provides the physician with vital information about the heart's ability to deliver blood to the body, the force one's heart exerts with each beat, and the amount of fluid in the chest. Specially designed bioimpedance sensors placed on the neck and chest monitor 12 different parameters, including cardiac output, contractility, systemic vascular resistance, and thoracic fluid content. These sensors monitor the electrical conductivity of the body-information that is converted into blood flow data and is displayed in real time on a monitoring screen. BioZ.comT and BioZ.pcT are two additional products that incorporate the same sensors present in the original BioZ system. The "com" in BioZ.com stands for cardiac output monitor. This fully integrated system is essentially a smaller version of the BioZ combining the same abilities with a compact lightweight design while providing greater portability.
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