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A Robot to Help Make the Rounds

The HelpMate trackless robotic hospital courier was designed by Transitions Research Corporation, a think-tank company formed in 1984. Over the course of 10 years, Transitions Research Corporation received funding for this developmental effort from NASA, through seven Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) awards with Johnson Space Center. In 1997, Transitions Research Company went public, and changed its name to HelpMate Robotics, Inc., to emphasize the one product by the same name that was to be introduced to the commercial marketplace. Two years later, Pyxis Corporation, the San Diego, California-based Automation and Information Services division of Cardinal Health, Inc., purchased the assets of HelpMate Robotics, Inc., subsequently acquiring the rights to the HelpMate robotic courier technology. Known today as the Pyxis HelpMateR SecurePak (SP), the 4-foot tall, 600-pound trackless robotic courier has evolved significantly from the original design blueprint. According to Cardinal Health, the Pyxis HelpMate SP is the first system of its kind to navigate autonomously through hospitals and other medical facilities-including independently calling and using elevators-without the use of external guidance systems such as fixed tracks or guide wires.
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