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A Transgene Construct To Improve Fusarium Head Blight Resistance In Wheat and Barley

A gene encoding a wheat ethylene-responsive transcription factor was cloned into a plant gene expression vector. This vector when transformed into wheat and barley results in increased resistance to Fusarium head blight and other Fusarium-related diseases. The fungus responsible for this disease produces a mycotoxin that poses a significant threat to the human and animal health.


• To date, no sources of wheat completely resistance to this disease have been found; therefore, fungicides are required for control. The problem is that the currently available registered fungicides only provide partial control (50-60%). Transgenic plants expressing this gene have significant resistance to this disease.



• Fusarium head blight disease results in close to $500 million in damage to the US wheat and barley crop. Transgenic plants expressing this gene results in significant resistance to this disease. 
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