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Apparatus (10) for generating accurate 3-dimensional images of objects (20) immersed in liquids including optically opaque liquids which may also have significant sound attenuation, is described. Sound pulses (14) are caused to impinge on the object, and the time-of-flight of the reflected sound (22) is used to create a 3-dimensional image of the object in almost real-time. The apparatus is capable of creating images of objects immersed in fluids that are optically opaque and have high sound attenuation at resolutions less than about 1 mm. The apparatus may include a piezoelectric transducer (16) for generating the acoustic pulses (14); a high-density polyethylene compound acoustic lens (24), a 2-dimensional segmented piezoelectric detecting array (26) positioned behind the lens for receiving acoustic pulses (22) reflected by the object (20), the electric output of which is directed to digital signal processing electronics (28) for generating the image.


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December 7, 2013
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