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Acoustic Propagation and Emulation Toolset (APET)

The Acoustic Propagation and Emulation Toolset (APET) is a framework code uniting several acoustic methodologies for the propagation and measurement of source noise audibility at farfield observers, accounting for the effects of the atmosphere, weather, terrain, and spherical spreading. Currently, APET consists of a modified version of the Rotorcraft Noise Model (RNM, Version 7) coupled with the newly developed Spectral Attenuation Method (SAM) that contains the Ray Tracing Program (RTP) and two versions of a Greens Function Parabolic Equation (GFPE) code. A third component of APET is an audibility prediction scheme based on the work of Abrahamson, initially called ICHIN (I Can Hear It Now) and further developed by Wyle Labs as AUDIB.
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