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Acoustic shotgun system

A high velocity acoustic signal producing underwater shotgun system for dispersing a plurality of relatively small supercavitating projectiles over a wide spatial field at long range using the dynamics of cavity collapse for better target localization in underwater mine clearance. A typical supercavitating projectile design is enhanced to produce a two-staged projectile in order to accomplish this innovation. The first stage of the two stage design allows for the long range firing underwater typical of a supercavitating projectile while the second stage permits the coverage of a wide area with a plurality of small supercavitating projectiles just as the first stage projectile reaches its fixed range. A distinctive feature of the radiated noise from a supercavitating projectile contacting a solid object is used in conjunction with the two stage projectile design to provide a system for underwater mine clearance verification. The distinctive noise signal may also be used in conjunction with an underwater targeting system to help identify, localize and track targets as well.

Robert Kuklinski, Thomas J. Gieseke

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August 12, 2011
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