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Acousto-optical method of encoding and visualization of underwater space

A method of depiction of an object in underwater space is provided. The underwater space is acoustically covered using nonlinear wave packets capable of retaining coherence in shallow waters. The echo from the object is encoded as perturbations on flexible cilia-like transducers that are otherwise undergoing limit cycle oscillations. The perturbed pattern of the cilia-like transducers is recorded as holograms and transmitted. The hologram is decoded and a hologram of the underwater space is created. A small hemispherical drive apparatus actuates the cilia to undergo the limit cycle oscillations. Electromagnets are positioned on a housing of the apparatus. A gimbal with shaft is also attached to the housing. The shaft has a first end within the housing that is proximally separated and remains separated from the electromagnets as the shaft rotates. Generated signals excite electromagnets in sequence to produce an electromagnetic track for the shaft.

Promode R. Bandyopadhyay

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April 29, 2016
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