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Active Modulators and Perfect Shielders Based on Adiabatic Elimination 2014-090

Data and communications device companies rely on waveguides to guide light in nanoscale circuits. However, conventional waveguides suffer from significant crosstalk when placed in close vicinity, thus limiting the scaling down of nanophotonics circuits. To address this issue, Berkeley Lab has developed Active Modulators and Perfect Shielders Based on Adiabatic Elimination. Unlike previous technologies, the Berkeley Lab technology provides a three-level nanoscale waveguide system based on adiabatic coupling, with the middle “dark state” waveguide separating the two outer waveguides, thereby obtaining an effective zero coupling between them. This unique design eliminates signal leakage and allows for very long propagation distances, which is useful for optical circuits. It will also provide industry with a device made of widely available materials that can be used to improve circuit performance in a range of device designs and applications, including data transmission and communications; military applications; integrated nanophotonics applications, including high-speed modulators, tunable filters, and active interconnects; and next-generation supercomputers.
: - Cancels crosstalk inherent to densely packed waveguides - Uses widely available materials - Very broad application across multiple device platforms and industries
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Issued U. S. Patent #9,442,250. Available for licensing or collaborative research.
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