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Adaptive heat flow calorimeter

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Apparatus and methods are provided for providing flexible and repairable testing capabilities for systems that generate or absorb heat such as energy storage systems. One embodiment can include a temperature bath structure adapted to contain and maintain a fluid bath at a predetermined temperature, an outer containment structure adapted to insert into the temperature bath structure, heat sinks, thermal sensor assemblies, and an internal containment structure where the thermal sensor assemblies and heat sinks removeably attach to different sections of the inner containment structure so as to measure heat flow into or out of the inner containment structure's different sections. Embodiments of the invention enable rapid insertion/removal of samples as well as replacement of sections of the system including embodiments or parts of thermal sensor assemblies as well as enabling separate thermal measurements associated with different sections of a sample under test within the inner containment structure.


R. Ubelhor; D. Ellison; C. Pierce

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Engineering, Calorimeters, testing
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June 19, 2018
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