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Adaptive resampling classifier method and apparatus

According to the invention, an apparatus for classifying and sorting input data in a data stream includes a processor having a classifier input control with a first input and second input, an adaptive classifier, a ground truth data input, a ground truth resampling buffer, a source data re-sampling buffer, and an output. The processor is configured for sampling the input data with the input control, comparing one or more classes of the sampled input data with preset data classifications for determining the degree of mis-classification of data patterns, determining a probability proportional to the degree of mis-classification as a criterion for entry into a resampling buffer, entering data patterns causing mis-classification in a resampling buffer with a probability value proportional to the degree of mis-classification, comparing the data patterns to a ground truth source and aligning the data patterns with their associated data pattern labels employing the same decision outcome based on a mis-classification probability as applied to the resampling buffer to form a set of training data, and updating the adaptive classifier to correlate with the training data. These steps are repeated until a sufficient degree of data classification optimization is realized, with the output being an optimized data stream.

Charles M. Bachmann

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July 9, 2009
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