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Adaptive web-based asset control system

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Disclosed herein is an adaptive Internet-based product control system that utilizes web technology to gather and present asset control data in an environment with constantly changing requirements due to various third party demands and/or funding restrictions. The present system tracks third party assets, provides real-time data regarding current status, and assists in returning the assets to the customer in a more timely fashion. The system can adapt to constantly changing user requirements by use of a Cold Fusion database interface to a set of data files that can be constructed and reconstructed on-the-fly. Multiple third party structures are supported with one central data file that handles the security logs and one central tasking data bank for tracking specific third party funding/tasking. The system also interfaces with bar code readers to gather of asset data and to upload it at a later time.


W. Helms

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Engineering, Fleet maintenance and Modernization
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March 23, 2010
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