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Adhesion improvement via material nanostructuring or texturizing

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A embodiment of the invention includes providing a system and method in accordance with an embodiment of the invention including processing a target surface of interest to adjust interfacial material characteristics such as increasing surface area and/or chemical interaction properties via laser texturizing such as via increasing porosity. An embodiment can include an ultrashort pulse laser (USPL), wherein laser pulses are of a duration of femtoseconds, and adapting the USPL's laser energy output irradiance to athermally convert the target surface of interest's material into a plasma state for re-deposition on the target surface; applying the exemplary embodiment's laser beam energy in a raster pattern across the target surface, wherein the USPL is adapted to nano-structure or texturize the target surface to produce a region having a surface covered by texturized structures that can include nano structures increasing adhesion or chemical reaction properties of the target surface.


S. Seghi; J. Kalishek

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Engineering, Fleet maintenance and Modernization, Lasers, nanomaterials, materials engineering, adhesion, surface area
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January 29, 2019
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