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Adhesive Compositions and Methods of Adhering Articles Together

There is ongoing interest in using agro-based materials (like proteins) in wood adhesives. The issues are cost, adhesive strength, and water resistance. New adhesive compositions involving cottonseed protein are shown here to be attractive adhesive ingredients. These include the use of specific modifiers that enhance cottonseed protein performance and several biopolymers (ex: soy protein or polysaccharides) that can decrease the cost of use. With these compositions, the performance/cost ratio for cottonseed protein-based adhesives can be enhanced. These can be used as eco-friendly and cost-effective products for wood adhesives.

• Use of agro-based materials will minimize toxicity and environmental impact
• Cottonseed protein with modifier provides effective adhesive strength and water resistance
• Blends with cheap biopolymers can decrease cost
• Potential new products for wood adhesives

• Adhesive compositions can be used as cost-effective, eco-friendly, and sustainable ingredients in wood adhesives

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