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Adjustable depth air sparging well

An adjustable depth air sparging well comprising a flow through packer which is slidably mounted within a well casing allowing for vertical movement of the flow through packer within the well casing. Flow through packer includes an inflatable packer fabricated from inflatable vitron tubing, a lower end portion of an air supply tube which has a plurality of openings for providing pressurized air to inflate the packer, and a pair of vitron rubber packer end caps. An air compressor is coupled to the air supply tube supplying pressurized air to the inflatable packer which inflates the packer holding the packer at a fixed depth within the well casing. Deflating the inflatable packer allows for vertical movement of the inflatable packer within the well casing. Positioned at the lower end of the air supply tube is a one way valve through which air under pressure passes to a well screen. The well screen, which comprises the lower portion of the well casing, is mounted in the soil's saturated zone. The pressurized air next passes through the well screen into the soil's saturation zone removing volatile contaminants and transferring the contaminants to the soil's vadoze zone.

Andrew Scott Drucker

Patent Number: 
Patent Issue Date: 
November 23, 2001
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