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Advanced fragmentation hand grenade

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A fragmentation structure is provided with improved performance e.g., fragmentation, projectile generation, storage, and manufacturing. An embodiment can include an open fragmentation structure that can be separated into individual components that can include a structure body section with a compartment, a removable initiator or detonator, a top cap section having an aperture configured to accept the removable initiator or removable detonator, and an explosive. An exemplary explosive can be preassembled to fit within the structure without a need for pouring in an explosive. An exemplary structure or top cap of the structure can receive an embrittlement treatment increasing its fragmentation characteristics. An ability of the structure to be easily disassembled allows for safer storage and a longer shelf life. A design of an exemplary embodiment of the structure allows it to be used with a wide range of explosive materials in addition to many types of removable initiators or detonators.


N. Deshpande; E. Scheid; L. Allison; B. Moan

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Engineering, Pyrotechnics, Explosives
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August 23, 2016
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