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Advanced Laser-Based, Gamma-Ray Systems

Over the past decade LLNL has both invented the concepts for and led the world in the development of laser-based, mono-energetic gamma-ray (MEGa-ray) sources. These sources, which combine high-energy, high-average-power lasers and compact, high-gradient, RF-accelerator technology promise to revolutionize both nuclear physics and to enable a wide range of unique, isotope-specific material detection, assay and imaging applications.
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The selected industrial partner and LLNL will enter into a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) to develop the next generation of laser technologies for MEGa-ray systems and to create a next generation of MEGa-ray sources that could be marketed to both the industrial and academic communities. The MEGa-ray system developed will be based on LLNL's proprietary, multi-GHz Compton scattering interaction geometry, calorimetric gamma-ray detectors, multi-GHz, photo-gun drive laser technology and kW-average-power, diode-pumped pulsed laser technology.
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