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Advanced Life Support Sizing Analysis Tool (ALSSAT) version 12.0

ALSSAT has been developed for use in the sizing and analysis of Environmental Control and Life Support Systems (ECLSS) for spacecraft and habitats. The purpose of this tool is to perform life support system trade studies and analysis. ALSSAT aids in the creation of conceptual designs for advanced systems using physiochemical and biological processes in either open-loop systems or closed-loop systems that recycle air and water as well as process human waste products. The regenerative life support processes can be used as a means to decrease the amount of consumable re-supply required for a range of missions including in-space transit vehicles or habitats, and surface habitats on the moon or Mars. Since not all missions are long enough to payback the mass of the recycling hardware, or may not need all possible resources that could be recycled, determining the best suite of technologies to provide the right amount of resource recovery for each mission is very difficult. Because so many technological combinations are possible, the development of an Advanced Life Support Sizing Analysis Tool (ALSSAT) was created as a means to investigate these combinations. This tool assists in the determination of the most mass effective and reliable combination of methods available for a steady-state operating condition. ALSSAT has been developed using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet program and has been programmed to perform multiple-case mission scenarios through Visual Basic (VB) interface forms for data input and computational analysis of ALS subsystems. Based on the preliminary design considerations, the Advanced Life Support system mass, power, and volume are computed for various mission specifications. The results can be used as a guide to select the best system architecture.
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